Joshua Palin of Orange Park Discusses The Best Gifts for DIYers

Joshua Palin Orange Park

As a DIY expert, Joshua Palin of Orange Park is always excited to receive gifts during the holiday season that help him take on his latest projects. Joshua Palin of Orange Park is aware, however, that it can be difficult for people who don’t love to take on do it yourself projects to know what the DIYer in their life would like to receive this holiday season. Today, Joshua Palin will provide some helpful hints that anyone looking to provide a practical gift for their loved one can benefit from.

Joshua Palin of Orange Park believes there are great gifts for DIYers that can fit just about any budget. For instance, one of the cheaper options is one of his favorites and that is a simple paint brush cover. Paint brush covers save so much time as they eliminate to the need to wash out the brushes in between coats. One of the best paint brushes, Joshua Palin ever purchased was a Wooster Shortcut. The Wooster Shortcut is a brush designed specifically for wall trim. If your DIYer is having trouble cutting down the mess during their painting projects, this paint brush will be greatly appreciated.

Every gift that makes life easier is an amazing gift. One of the more frustrating parts of any project is measuring distances. A typical tape measure will list out inches and feet, while a quick read tape measure will have the decimals and fractions printed on the tape itself. This is perfect when a DIYer is in a hurry as it takes the math out of the equation. While most DIYers will be forced to learn to convert between fractions and decimals, every second saved is appreciated. Speaking of making life easier, shoppers can never go wrong with a Swiss army knife or another multitool option. These awesome gadgets can come in handy in just about any situation. To guarantee that the gift purchased is used and appreciated, Joshua Palin of Orange Park suggests a pair of work gloves. While the DIYer in your life will surely own a pair already, they can wear out over time and a new pair will never go to waste.

When it comes to annoyances during general renovation projects, the inability to find a stud in the wall comes in towards the top of the list for Joshua Palin. A reliable stud finder makes for a great gift. The latest stud finders will even alert a person that there’s wiring behind a wall, so they won’t accidentally risk harm from electrocution. Shoppers looking for something a DIYer is unlikely to have in their tool kit arsenal should consider a glue gun. A professional glue gun can help with a lot more than arts and crafts. Sometimes a project calls for something to hold in place for a temporary period, a glue gun makes this easy.

Finally, if a shopper doesn’t feel qualified to give a tool or gadget, they should turn to books. There are countless quality books that go over different DIY projects. People who love to take on different projects around the house will always love to thumb through a book and look for inspiration.

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